A Localized

Green New Deal

In collaboration with Sunrise San Ramon...... full white paper coming soon



The Green New Deal is a proposed piece of United States legislation that aims to address climate change along with economic inequality and racial injustice. It is a visionary document illustrating solutions to transition the United States into a country that’s 100% renewable energy. 


Federal scientists have warned that a continuous rise in temperatures will intensify heat waves, wildfires, droughts, and other extreme weather patterns. Currently the Bay Area is battling the SCU Lighting Complex fires. This wildfire is presently the 3rd largest in California’s history. We are seeing a glimpse into the future of extreme weather that residents will face if our climate crisis is not curbed. 


The goal is to get net zero emissions by 2050. This means man-made greenhouse emissions must be removed through reduction in carbon emissions. In order for us to achieve this, not only do we have to build a more sustainable society through technology  but we must also combat social injustice and economic inequality. 


The Green New Deal calls for community leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide high paying jobs, and ensure basic human rights- clean air, water, and nutritious food. It demands an end to all forms of oppression.  Although the Green New Deal is a proposal to the federal government, I believe that implementing its goals on a local level can have an enormous impact. 


Through education, community culture, and grassroots mobilization, San Ramon can become a leader in the fight against climate change. California is facing drastic enviornmental problems, as a community leader I find a responsibility to influence sustainable solutions on a local level.