Universal Childcare

Free Daycare Provided by City 

San Ramon is a city of families, so naturally daycare is at the tops of many citizens' minds. Parents budget for whether daycare or a sitter is cheaper, safer, or whatever the reasoning may be. Yet, the city has no budget for helping with this issue. The idea of universal childcare has become more normalized with a policy introduced by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in the beginning of 2019. There is an urgency for a policy like this that is often ignored by those in office inherent sexism toward the issues of working mothers. Sen. Warren wrote, “Today, in more than half the states in the country, a year of child care costs more than a year of in-state college tuition. We’re placing a huge financial burden on working families looking to find a safe and nurturing place for their kids.” This is true in San Ramon as well where it costs more to send your 2-5 year old child to daycare then it would to send your 18+ year old to Diablo Valley College for the year. According to SF children’s council it costs around $2,000 a month for daycare, DVC costs $736 for a full course load of 16 units for a whole semester. If we compare these costs annually, daycare cost $24,000 and community college costs $1,472, which means on average daycare costs about 1500% more than community college. 


We must redirect money from the SRPD budget into making daycare more affordable. It is unacceptable that the growing room would have to seek donations to get enough supplies to accommodate for federal health guidelines due to COVID-19. The city should fund the growing rooms. 

"Family safety is my top priority, and reinvestment is the best way to be there for everyone during this time of civil unrest and public health crisis." - Sameera Rajwade